Rotary Tiller

Tar River

Heady Duty Multi-Speed Rotary Tiller


  • Part Number:  CXT-121
  • SWD Number:  TR CXT-121
  • Size:  120 in
  • Weight:  2185 lbs
  • H.P.:  60-130
  • Gearbox Rating:  130 HP
  • Blades per Unit:  72
  • Tillage Equipment and Harrows

The CXT tillers are designed with multispeed gearboxes to handle your ever changing conditions. The multispeed gearbox is designed for easy gear access to allow the rotor speed to be changed quickly as you move to different field conditions. A large thick walled rotor is sustained by water proof rotor supports for wet conditions. Decks are double layered to keep stone indentations to a minimum.