Danuser Mega Mixer


Danuser Mega Mixer

  • Scoop, Mix, Dispense
  • 3/4 Yard Capacity, up to 1 Yard Option
  • Discharge up to 2 inch diameter Materials
  • Works with: Concrete, Feed, Rock, Mulch, Sand, Asphalt & More
  • 34 inch, Includes two 2 foot Multi-Linked Chutes and 180 inch Hoses with Flat Faced ISO Couplers
  • Standard Cutting Edges make scooping from piles easy
  • Mounts on either side to place and dispense in elevated or hard to reach places
  • Integrated Fork Pockets for use on a wide variety of vehicles
  • Lockable Discharge Flap limits spilling and allows for faster material mixing
  • Comes standard with Dual Safety Grates
  • Includes Integrated Bag Busters that can be opened individually from either side
Concrete (1" Slump)
LIvestock Feed
1" Clean
1" Rock
Dry Topsoil

S75: Steel Auger


Mega Mixer Base Unit

170001Mega Mixer Model S75
Mega Mixer Model R75--Steel Auger

Mega Mixer Options

170095Hopper Extension
Expands Mega Mixer Capacity from 3/4 yard to 1 yard without modification. Hardware included. No tools required.
21231Front End Loader Hose Kit
Front-End Loader Hose Kit 1/2'' hose kit, 25' long, with flat face ISO couplers and pioneer couplers. Mounting bracket included for bolting or welding. Hardware not included
17010024 Inch Chute
Two-foot chutes for Mega Mixer that can be linked to extend
2 ft$50.00
17010336 Inch Chute
Three-foot chutes for Mega Mixer that can be linked to extend
3 ft$60.00
170110Funnel with 6 Inch Hose Adapter
May be combined with 24 or 36 inch chute. Allows precision discharge with included 5 foot long, 6 inch diameter hose.
170040Rubber-Flighted Auger Assembly
Rubber-Flighted Auger Assembly for Danuser Mega Mixer
170055Rubber Flight Replacement Kit
Includes all flights, bolts, and nuts for complete rubber flight replacement on Danuser Mega Mixer
170050Steel Auger Assembly
Steel Auger Assembly for Danuser Mega Mixer