Universal Tillage-Incite


Approximate HP requirement: 163-245 HP


  • Part Number:  IC-5020
  • SWD Number:  MC IC-5020
  • Size:  20 ft 5 in
  • Weight:  17,320 lbs
  • Back freight:  $1,800.00
  • Acres per Hours (6-9 MPH):  15-20
  • Tillage Equipment and Harrows
  • Featuring unique INCIZORTM blades with low profile, 28 wave Ingersoll 22 in diameter 6mm reversed crimped blades capable of 6 in depth
  • Sealed service-free trunnion bearing with 1-3/4 round center shaft
  • UNIVERSAL TILLAGETM Selector hydraulic adjustment allows on the go disk angle adjustment between selected range points. Choose from 3 degrees, 6 degrees, and 9 degrees. Available on all models
  • Dura-ReelTM designed with "flow-through technology" allows maximum material flow and resists plugging
  • Hydraulic Dura-ReelTM height adjust from disk depth to 8 in above the bottom of the disk blade
  • Swept back reel design for better residue and rock clearance
  • Large walking tandem axle on wing and mainframe
  • 3-Bar flexible spike tooth harrow follows the ground closely. The flexibility allows residue to flow with easy height adjust to conform to various soil and residue conditions
  • Rolling basket with 8 high carbon flat bars with adjustable down pressure to meet varying conditions. Features setting for more aggressive clod sizing or less aggressive for soil separation.