Grapple for Front Loader


Compact Grapple for 40 HP or Less Tractors. Single Grapple Across Top. Great for Cleaning Up Debris. Does Not Include Mounting Brackets.


  • Part Number:  FLGR-4062
  • SWD Number:  WS FLGR-4062
  • Size:  60 inches
  • Weight:  364 lbs
  • Miscellaneous

Compact Grapple Specifications

Overall Width 60 inches
Overall Depth 23 inches
Overall Height 39 inches
Tine Spacing 15 inches
Grapple Opening 27inches
Number of Lower Tines 5
Width of Upper Grapple 34 inches
Reinforcing Tubes Between Lower Tines Yes
Cylinder 1--2" x 8" (1.125" Rod)
Pressure 2500 PSI



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