Post Driver


HPD-16 Post Driver for Front End Loader. Available with 1 inch Pin Type and Optional Quick Attach Brackets (Sold Separately)


  • Part Number:  HPD-16HFL
  • SWD Number:  WS HPD-16HFL
  • Size:  Cat. I/II
  • Weight:  1125 lbs
  • Hydraulic Flow:  3-4 GPM
  • Maximum Post Size:  7 inch
  • Minimum Tractor Size:  35 HP
  • Driving Force (Max):  32,000 lbs
  • Post Hole Diggers and Fencing Equipment
Model HPD-16 HFL
Max. Post Size 5” x 9’
Impact at Full Stroke 32,000 lbs.
Impact at Half Stroke 16,000 lbs.
Mount Type Frt Loader
Tilt Adj. Front/Back 17° each way
Tilt Adj. Side/Side 20° each way
Manual Adjust No
Hydraulic Adjust Yes
Adj. Cylinders/Size (2) 3” x 6”
Stabilizer Legs Standard
Big Foot N/A
Slide Blocks Material Nyrim
Spring Post Holder Standard
Min. Tractor Size 40-45 hp
Rear Hitch Category N/A
Min. Hydraulic Req. 3-4 GPM
QuickChange Rod Seal Yes
Q-springs N/A
Valve(s) Sgl./Dbl. Spool
Hoses less couplers Standard
Offset (to left of tractor Ctr.) N/A
Self Contained Unit N/A
Reservoir Capacity N/A
Pump Type N/A
Pressure Relief Setting N/A
Weight (lbs.) 1125
Product Number 814835


814845Front Loader Mount
Hydraulic Front Loader Mount (HFL) For models 16 & 22Q drivers only.
814637Skid Steer Mount
Manual Adjustment (MSS) mount for Skid Steer. Models 16, 22Q rivers only.
814610Skid Steer Mount
Hydraulic Adjustment (HSS) mount for Skid Steer. Models 16, 22Q & 26Q drivers
814680Hydraulic Mount Kit
Hydrauic Adj. Center mount (SHC) only for HPD-16, 22Q & 26Q drivers.