Hay Unroller


Hay Unroller for Handling 4-6 foot Round Bales and Rolling them Out on the Ground. Requires 2.5 in x 8 in or 3 in x 8 in Cylinder. Cylinder and Hoses Not Included.


Model Description
HHU-2045 3-Pt Hay Handler / Unroller. Rated at 2,000 lbs. and is designed to unroll or handle round bales either 4 or 5 foot in width up to 6 foot in diameter. Unit Requires a 2.5 inch x 8 inch hydraulic cylinder (which is not included). The HHU-2045 now comes with a parking stand for allowing easy hook up with a Quick Hitch. 


Hydraulic Cylinder and Hose Kit
3 inch x 8 inch Cylinder and Hoses with Pioneer Tips